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Facebook is taking over the internet

And we, as internet users, are gladly giving it everything it needs to achieve this.

I have argued for years about the laziness of developers and site owners who supply only a 'login with Facebook' option on their sites. Forcing people to use Facebook, only because they couldn't be bothered providing an alternative option. There can be no other reason for people to force you to use FB, right? Its only gone public recently, so they likely have no vested interest in it, surely? I can hardly blame them for doing this, FB makes it easy to implement the login action, devs do less work and they can cater for 80% of their traffic.

What I find odd is that it took so, so long, for people to start building sites that do not work on a decade-old browser like IE6 because some IE6'ers may not be able to use the site, but they will quickly adapt a membership option that immediately filters some users. Strange, lazy and very poor.

But, the latest thing that I find odd, is that people have started using Facebook Pages as their business website, or as their latest marketing idea. Advertising on behalf of Facebook so that their Page is easily found and used! Amazing! Again, we immediately drop a bunch of our traffic because they dont have Facebook accounts, but you are handing ownership of all your content and its membership base, and your traffic (that sweet, sweet traffic) straight to Facebook! And, for what reason? Clearly, its just laziness.

We all know people who spend lots of their own (and their employers) time on Facebook and these are the people that these marketing/business Pages are hoping to hook, because they will quite easily stumble across the Page in their endless clicking and liking. Thats fine, I have no problem with companies trying to hook these users, but where is the non Facebook option?

The idea of building a site, marketing it, optimising its pages for Google, maybe building a membership base can be daunting, but thats how to create a product, or site, or marketing mini-site the proper way! You then own the traffic, you own the content, it only makes sense.

As an industry, we are putting everything that we have worked so hard for, for so long, on a silver plate and handing it over to a corporation that only gives you an easy option to do so, in return. It is unfathomable that we do this on such a broad scale and we do it, seemingly, with no regard for the consequences.

Facebook gets bigger, Your company gets some 'Likes,' and everybody is happy! Yeah, not really.

Keep your content, keep your traffic, build the site properly using multiple membership options and Facebook can stay as a social network and not he be-all and end-all of the internet.

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  • James Army

    Very true! This has come to my attention as it's almost impossible to post comments to articles online these days without a Facebook account. This means Facebook is interfering with an enormous number of online communications and media. This is horrendous monopolization of free speech and privacy rights. Facebook requires users to use their real names, so there is limited option to use a pen
    name, which has been traditional for eons in Western Civilization.

    Facebook, please, officially go to hell on this note. You're a disgrace to the online free speech community at this point. When I tried to use my Yahoo email to post a comment online today, Facebook interfered and blocked my Yahoo somehow. That was scary, even though I cleared
    my browser and tried different browsers, e.g. Firefox and Google Chrome. This is really scary and is antithetical to the point of Facebook in the first place.

  • Look

    How do I share this on facebook?

  • Christian Biggins

    I already have. :)

  • Leslie Trainor

    Hi chritsian, how could i get in contact with your regarding the forum you own. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  • Guest

    Facebook is making it easier for people to get their business' and ideas out there via pages. Their "pages" functionality has amounted to billions in revenue for companies who have set them up. 

    Usually businesses do not care if their information is made public. If you criticise Facebook for this then you must also criticise things like the phone book. 

    Facebook gives you all sorts of privacy options and their security is second-to-none. They use your information, but so does everyone who has a profitable site. The whole point of having uses is to use their information.. for something. The point is not to piss them off. I can't think of anything Facebook has done with my info that I don't like.
    Do you have an example of a log-in system that works better than Facebook's?

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